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AITOR OCHOA est un auteur de chansons basé en Espagne. Depuis les années 90, il joue avec son groupe principal, Soul Gestapo, et bien d’autres : Los Tupper, Johnny Casino & The Secrets et beaucoup, beaucoup d’autres…


Aitor Ochoa has been editing albums and kicking stages in and out of Spain for more than 20 years.
We have been able to see him leading Soul Gestapo for more than 10 years, perhaps the band with the most international repercussion ever leaving Cantabria, the proof of this is that even bands from the USA make versions of their songs (Buzz Killintons, Alabama). Also as a guitarist, bassist or even a drummer for another great rock band, Los Tupper. Other times he is part of The Secrets, the band of the legendary Australian Johnny Casino, with whom he has toured Australia and Europe.
After finishing Soul Gestapo, we found it in a new format, using its name plus accompanying band. They adapt a handful of new songs, which arise from a primitive acoustic format, and decide to record them practically live at the Cubex Studios, owned by Javier García Escudero, who takes over the controls. The result of the work done for a few days and longer nights, is « All these words will die before the morning », the band’s first album, released in 12  » vinyl format on his own label, Magnolia Recording Co. (in clear tribute to the late Jason Molina).

Aitor is my friend/Brother, some might say I could be biased? but if you know me i´m more for honesty not ¨porky pies¨. What I hear is Aitor and his band the Mad Mule being honest! playing and singing about how they feel right now!, not trying to be something they are not or something they might have been in the past, just playing and singing for today and or tomorrow!!!
Johnny Casino

The songs. They are the only and non-negotiable protagonist in music, everything else is accessory. Precisely for this reason, there is no other higher standard that should condition the task of its creators when it comes to giving them their best and most accurate sense. Some of all this probably thought Aitor Ochoa before making the decision to finalize the history of the always interesting Soul Gestapo and launch a new project he has considered more appropriate to stage his current compositions.
Name? Aitor Ochoa & Mad Mule.
With a denomination, and a logo based on a mule riding in the eclipsed sun, which already glides certain tracks on at least some of its musical constants, its sound eliminates any enigma by being exultantly electric, raw and with a resounding viscerality that favors encouraging Both the intimate and the torn side. So much so that the fisheye that photographed Neil Young and his Crazy Horses in the « Ragged Glory » could perfectly now turn to the Cubex Studios by Javier Escudero and show David « Fuzzio », Fernando Chiquito, Luis Ibáñez and the Aitor Ochoa himself.
The result is an album that prioritizes the intense halftimes: some infected with the melancholic power of Paul Westerberg (« Me & You »); scratched by the nostalgic but sharp adaptation of the blues language (“Redemption”) or signified by the emotional depth emanating from the Magnolia Electric Co. (“Evil”). « Eyes of the City » will give way to an environment of greater acoustic presence while « Sleep Walker » points to the great plains supported by more rustic nuances. It will be with the arrival of the decline of the album when the six strings openly venerate the prodigious Canadian and reach heights of wild epic in « There Is a Light ».
On this occasion, death has not been the end of the road but the beginning of a new reality, the one invented by Aitor Ochoa, who without taking away the increasing dedication for the roots he showed in his already extinct band, here he expresses it with robust electric fury and rampant sensitivity.



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